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We produce, process and sell real and genuine personal documents that you can use to work and travel anywhere in the world. Rest assured that if you order a real document, it will be 100% valid and registered in the government database according to all the requirements. Our documents are original and can also be used to work and travel. At Solution doc online, you can find anything you need from passports , drivers license , id cards social security cards and birth certificates to college degrees and marriage certificates


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100% Money Back Guarantee- If the application is rejected for any reason or documents not issued within 30 days there is a 100% refund of the initial deposit. Over the years we have had a 99.9% success rate with new applicants.

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At Exclusive Documents Network, We can help you buy Real Visa Online for any country you wish. We have a dedicated team made of professionals who offer full time visa assistance to our clients.

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The good news is that you can get a real certificate fast and easy with an online study program for the , IMC, GMAT,IELTS, TOEFL, GED test, HiSET exam, or TASC test. Etc

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Buy Dual Passport Second opportunity to live, work or study in a new country Enhanced visa-free travel Social and tax benefits Freedom of choice.

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About Docs Solution Online

Docs Solution Online Systems, Inc. (UTDS) is a leading visa, passport, driver’s license and resident permit processing agency. UTDS is your “one-stop-shop” for visa and passport processing. Many visas,resident permits, passports that might otherwise take weeks or months to obtain by direct correspondence can readily be processed within days because of our frequent contact with embassies and consulates. Our objective is to institute freedom to interested travellers and individuals through the obtention of the required document that enables each individual to be free in society. We have Cooperation with partners from all parts of the World. Urgent Travel Document Systems, Inc. (UTDS) Now have affiliations with National Institutions ( Governments ) in all parts on the Globe.

Documents Producing Service

We produce just high-subjective Passports, ID cards, Driver’s licenses, VISAs, leave/passage stamps, IELTS testaments and some others. It will be delivered with 100% real like the first records. We likewise utilize new biometric technologies for a wide range of our records.

Documents Duplicate Service


Reports copies delivering, implies this we will clone truly existing archive yet with your photograph. We select appropriate records from our data set considering on your age, sex, identity, and so forth It would contain genuine name of guardians of that individual, address, another valuable data, which can be asked at air terminal and customs, by movement, and so forth

IELTS Certificates

We offer high qualitative English test certificates without exam. Certificates will be original and registered in official database. All certificates we issue carries a band scores level of your choosing(6.5-9.0). IELTS is accepted by more than 10,000 organizations in over 145 countries. This includes:

  • Universities, schools, training colleges and tertiary institutes
  • Government departments and agencies
  • Professional and industry bodies
  • Companies and employers.
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